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NTPC Renewable Green Energy

NTPC Renewable Energy – Negligible Capacity,however 500 MW Wind,Solar Energy PPA signed with States eager to meet Green RPO

NTPC,India’s largest power generating utility with around 35 GW of electricity capacity is set to enter renewable energy in a big way as it has singed 500 MW of PPAs with state distribution companies for supplying green energy.Note India’s electricity regulator CERC has mandated a 6% Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) in 2011 which will increase by 1% each year to 15% by 2020.A number of states have fallen behind in meeting their RPO and would need to either generate or buy Green Energy to meet the CERC targets for renewable energy.The State of Solar Energy in India is currently extremely bad though massive growth is being planned ahead.India’s JNNSM which plans to build 20 GW of solar capacity by 2022 ran into debt troubles recently.ADB has come to the rescue and signed a JV with NTPC to build solar plants in the country.NTPC which is predominantly a thermal power utility has been planning to set up wind and solar  power plants but nothing has been done till now.However after signing these PPA with the Madhya Pradesh,Orissa and Karnataka government,the renewable energy projects should get accelerated.

NTPC Renewable Energy

As can be seen below most of NTPC’s Renewable Energy plants till date have been extremely limited in capacity.It has major plans in the hydro power are with more than 1300 MW of capacity being planned.However big hydro in India faces a long gestation time and risks of cancellation due to environmental concerns.

NTPC Hydro Power Capacity

    1) Koldam,Himachal Pradesh 800 MW

    2) Tapovan Vishnugad,Uttarakhand,520 MW

    3) Singrauli (Small Hydro) Uttar Pradesh , 8 MW

NTPC Renewable Energy Capacity (Current)
DG Projects – Commissioned(15 Nos.)

Sl No. Name of Village Capacity No of HH Resource Commissioning date
1.0 Biomass based DG Project at Village JEMERA (Korba) Chattisgarh 10KW 100 Biomass (woody)

2.0 SPV based DG Project at Village JARAHA-CHETWA (Rihand) Distt. Sonebhadra (U.P.) 10KW 233 Solar 28.03.2005
3.0 Biomass based DG Project at Village BHAOGARH (Anta), Rajasthan 10KW 89 Biomass (Mustard Stem) 23.03.2006
4.0 Biomass based DG Project at village BAGDARA (Korba) Chattisgarh 20KW 110 Biomass (woody) 12.07.2006
5.0 Biomass based DG Project at village UCHLENGA (Korba) Chattisgarh 20KW 134 Biomass (woody) 19.10.2006
6.0 Biomass based DG Project at village KHIRTI (Korba) Chattisgarh 20KW 105 Biomass (woody) 05.11.2006
7.0 Biomass based DG Project at village PIPRAHAR (Rihand) Distt. Sonebhadra (U.P.) 25KW 160 Biomass (woody) 31.03.2007
8.0 Biomass based DG Project at village MAHULI (Korba) Distt. Sonebhadra (U.P.) 30 KW 183 Biomass (woody) 29.06.2007
9.0 Biomass based DG Project at Village BIYAR BASTI (Rihand) Dist. Sonebhadra (U.P.) 40KW 250 Biomass (woody) 14.10.2007
10.0 Biomass based DG Project at Village BIRHUNI (Auraiya) Distt. Auraiya (U.P) 35 KW 405 Biomass (woody) 28.03.2008
11.0 Biomass based DG Project at Village Dhummadand Dist. Singrauli (Madhya Pradesh) 10 KW 42 Biomass (woody) 31.12.2009
12.0 Biomass based DG Project at Village Gulriha Dist. Singrauli (Madhya Pradesh) 20KW 120 Biomass (woody) 07.03.2010
13.0 Biomass based DG Project at Village Baharatola-I Dist. Singrauli (Madhya Pradesh) 20KW 200 Biomass (woody) 14.03.2010
14.0 Biomass based DG Project at Village Baharatola-II Dist. Singrauli (Madhya Pradesh) 20 KW 200 Biomass (woody) 17.03.2010
15.0 Biomass based DG Project at Village Bakriha Dist. Singrauli (Madhya Pradesh) 10KW 55 Biomass (woody) 18.03.2010

DG Projects – Under Implementation(1 Nos.)
Sl No.     Location     Capacity     No of HH     Resource
1.0     Micro hydro DG Project at Village NAKKIA (Korba) Chattisgarh     40KW     80     Hydro
NTPC to supply 500 mw of green energy to states

    The state-run power producer National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) will allocate 500 mw of green energy to various states to help them meet the Renewable Energy Purchase Obligation (RPO) as mandated in the National Tariff Policy.“We are going to allocate about 500 mw of renewable energy that we are now generating from solar, wind and small hydel stations to various states,” NTPC executive director(commercial) MKV Ramarao told FE.NTPC has signed power purchase agreements with Maharashtra and Karnataka to supply 75 mw of wind power. It is also, now, negotiating with the Madhya Pradesh government to supply 50 mw of solar power, he informed. “Talks are on with Karnataka government for supply of 100 mw of wind power,” he added.Ramarao was here on Tuesday to sign the PPA with the Orissa government-owned transmission company, Gridco, for supply of 10 mw of solar power. The power will be supplied to the state from NTPC’s solar plants at Dadri in Uttar Pradesh and Faridabad in Haryana.

Note Indian state owned companies in the power,energy and capital goods sector have been firming plans to enter the renewable energy industry.However things have been quite slow as is typical with the government sector.Except for a lot of plans and statements,no big green power plant or manufacturing facility has come about till now.Most of the action has been from the private sector in both the wind and solar energy.NTPC has an exemplary record in execution and a good management as well.     

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