Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ten Dividend Investing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


  1. Ø Buying a Stock Solely on a Hot Tip
  2. Ø Skipping Your Homework
  3. Ø Expecting to Buy and Sell Shares
  4. Ø Just for the Dividend
  5. Ø Focusing Solely on Yield
  6. Ø Focusing on Current Rather
  7. Ø than Future Dividends
  8. Ø Failing to Monitor Stocks and the Market
  9. Ø Buying a Stock Just Because It’s Cheap
  10. Ø Holding a Poor-Performing
  11. Ø Stock for Too Long
  12. Ø Failing to Account for Taxes
  13. Ø Giving Too Much Credence to
  14. Ø Media Reports and Analysis

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