Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Solar Energy Market sees entry of DuPont Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Modules with Wipr

   Solar Energy Market sees entry of DuPont Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Modules with Wipro

Indian Solar Energy Market has seen the entry of many foreign companies eager to tap this huge opportunity.This list of foreign solar companies  in India keeps growing on a daily basis with both startups like Abound and large companies like First Solar,Suntech making India as an integral part of their global growth strategy.DuPont the global chemicals giant too has entered the solar energy industry in partnership with Wipro EcoEnergy.DuPont Apollo will supply Wipro with its Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels which will be used in the grid projects.Note a number of Joint Ventures in Indian solar industry have been recently formed.

DuPont Apollo

DuPont Apollo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DuPont started a  50 MW  thin-film photovoltaic module manufacturing facility at Shenzen in 2010. DuPont Apollo is focused on the China domestic market but seems like that they are not getting too much traction in the hyper competitive Chinese market and now trying its hand in the Indian market where solar manufacturing industry is not too competitive.

Note India is a good market for solar thin film panels because of the high temperature which is suitable for thin film technology.A large number of ground mounted solar projects are being set up in India spurred by state and federal incentives.This provides a good market for solar thin film panels whose prices have nearly touched $1/watt in the international markets due to oversupply.Note DuPont is not a big name in solar panel manufacturing but like other small time solar companies like Advent Solar is trying to establish a beachhead in the growing India solar market.

Wipro Solar Business

Wipro is known mainly for its IT business in which it ranks third in India after Infosys and TCS.The company also has interests in  the Indian FMCG sector,lighting etc.Wipro decided to enter the solar installation business in 2008 through a subsidiary Wipro EcoEnergy.The company has not announced any big solar projects till now nor has it won any solar plant tenders under JNNSM.    

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